Achieving a Flawless Englewood Floor Refinishing & Painting Project

As a northern New Jersey homeowner and residential painting contractor serving Englewood for over 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of restoring tired hardwood floors and refreshing interior spaces for many satisfied local clients. But achieving truly flawless floor refinishing and wall painting results requires careful prep work, premium products, and experienced professionals focused on quality craftsmanship.

If your Englewood home needs both extensive hardwood floor refinishing due to heavy wear plus interior painting to revive dingy rooms, here’s my guidance for tackling these projects.

Start by researching contractors specifically experienced providing Englewood floor refinishing and painting services, rather than firms covering wider territories with less familiarity of older homes in our area. Ask these revealing questions:

  • How many years have you refinished hardwood floors in Englewood tri-state style homes originally built in the 1920s era? The right specialists understand the original materials and restoration methods proven to work best in spaces like yours.
  • What specialty techniques and brands do you use for floor staining and finishing to restore their smooth evenness and former luster? Quality refinishing processes warrant premium products.
  • Do you also have extensive experience with interior painting on original plaster walls common in older Englewood homes? Probing their familiarity working within unique existing textures and surfaces found in spaces like yours is key.

While you’ll likely need to hire separate contractors for the floor refinishing and interior painting portions of your project, opt for providers experienced tackling both specialties. They understand vital sequencing so freshly lacquered floors aren’t damaged by subsequent wall painting messes or vice versa.

When evaluating candidates, ask for their portfolios of previous work within recent Englewood homes to envision how beautifully they can restore existing floors and refresh your interiors. Look for flawless smooth sanding, continuity between floor seams, and exquisite staining on refinishing examples. Paint finish illustrations should exhibit crisp, straight edging and proper texturing techniques.

Be sure to contact Englewood homeowner references from their recent local projects as well. While online reviews shouldn’t be your sole deciding factor, repeated 5-star ratings back up stellar in-person endorsements. Ensure providers invested in proper licensing, bonding and insurance give you further peace of mind.

By taking time to carefully compare credentials plus the quality of floor refinishing and painting results proven across earlier nearby jobs, you can confidently invest in specialists dedicated to impeccable revitalizing craftsmanship. Here’s to enjoying wonderfully restored hardwood floors and refreshed interior walls for years to come in your lovely Englewood home. Reach out if any other questions come up in your planning!

A1 Refinish Floors Paintings

A1 Refinish Floors Paintings

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