When you hire a professional painter to take on a painting project in your home, one of the first questions that likely comes to mind is: Does the painter’s quote include the cost of the paint?

This is an excellent question, since the paint required for the job can be a significant portion of the total project expense. Knowing what is and isn’t accounted for in your painter’s bid is key for understanding the total budget.

In most cases, a quote from a professional painter will not include the materials (especially the paint) that will be used. There are a few reasons why this is typically the case:

No Way to Accurately Estimate Necessary Supplies in Advance Professional painters usually provide an estimate for their labor only. Since they won’t know precisely how much paint, primer, brushes and other supplies will be required until they examine the specific project, it’s not feasible for them to accurately account for materials cost upfront.

After inspecting your interior rooms or exterior surfaces needing painting, they may be able to provide a ballpark estimate of paint and materials. But an exact amount can’t be finalized until the work commences.

Homeowner Prefers Choosing Paint Brand/Quality Painter quotes often exclude paint because it allows homeowners flexibility in selecting the paint type, sheen, brand and colors they prefer. While painters can suggest standard options that work well, the homeowner may have specific preferences the quote allows them to accommodate.

If the painting company provided the paint directly, you’d have little control over the quality level or aesthetic factors like color tinting. Excluding materials fee puts the paint decisions directly in your hands.

Varying Quality Levels Impact Cost Since paint comes in different quality levels at different price points, each job is unique in terms of ideal paint selection. Factors like room size, application area, necessary prep work, and desired lifespan impact the performance requirements.

The most cost-effective quality paint for one homeowner may differ from what’s required at another home. Keeping paint costs separate enables each homeowner to choose what meets their budget and needs.

Painter’s Markup on Materials Some analysis indicates that painting companies can markup the paint and supplies required for jobs by 15% or more. This covers their procurement costs. By purchasing your own painting materials, you may avoid this markup and save significantly.

However, reputable firms charge reasonable rates on supplies. Be sure to ask prospective painters what their material markup entails. Some may offer you the option of deducing this from your bill if you furnish supplies.

What Paint Expenses Do Painter Quotes Sometimes Include? While it’s most typical for quotes to leave out paint and materials costs, here are some situations where those expenses may be encompassed:

-Small Touch-Up Jobs For minor drywall repairs or quick paint touch-ups requiring minimal materials, companies will sometimes provide an all-inclusive quote.

-Inventory Clearance Deals Painters may include coatings costs if they’re offering a promotional rate to empty surplus inventory of a specific manufacturer’s paint. This allows you to reap a discounted supplies rate.

-Pre-Negotiated Project Rate Deals For larger jobs, a contractor may negotiate an all-inclusive quote with you that wraps in anticipated expenses for agreed-upon paint selections upfront.

Key Takeaways on Painter’s Quotes and Paint Prices Unless otherwise noted by your contractor, you can expect that:

-The quoted rates reflect labor and preparation work only -Paint and materials will be a TBD additional charge -You get to decide on preferred paint aesthetics like sheen and color -Higher quality paint upgrades are available for better durability

The quote allows flexibility while actual material quantities remain an estimate til work commences. Providing your own paint can avoid significant markup. Just ensure your paint selection aligns with your pro painter’s requirements so that the job timeline and quality is unaffected by your choices.

A1 Refinish Floors Paintings

A1 Refinish Floors Paintings

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