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The transformative power of a new coat of paint is truly remarkable. A simple change of color can breathe new life into a tired, outdated space. At Englewood Painters, our team of skilled painting professionals understands this impact and works tirelessly to provide top-quality painting services and wood floor refinishing for homeowners throughout the Englewood area.

With years of experience under ourbelts, we’ve honed our craft to perfection. Our Englewood painters are true masters, experts at every aspect of the painting process from meticulous prep work to flawless final coats. We understand that prepping surfaces properly is the key to a lasting, professional-quality paint job. That’s why we never cut corners, taking the time to repair drywall, caulk gaps, and carefully mask off areas to ensure clean lines.

ColorSelection – The Heart of Transformation

One of the most exciting yet challenging parts of any painting project is color selection. The right paint color can transform a room from drab to vibrant, make a space feel larger or cozier, and establish the entire mood and ambiance. Our Englewood painters offer knowledgeable color consulting to guide you through this pivotal decision. We’ll discuss your vision, evaluate lighting conditions, and recommend colors that will bring your dream to life beautifully.

Painting Service Preparation – The Key to Flawless Results

Before any brush touches the walls, our crews thoroughly prepare every surface through a comprehensive multi-step process:

  1. Drywall Repair – Any cracks, holes or damages are repaired with drywall compound for a smooth finish
  2. Caulking – Gaps around trim, windows and doors are properly caulked to prevent paint bleed
  3. Sanding – Surfaces are sanded and deglossed to improve paint adhesion
  4. Cleaning – All areas are carefully cleaned to remove any dust, dirt or residue
  5. Masking – Floors, trim, windows and fixtures are masked off for crisp, clean lines

Only once this vital prep work is complete do our Englewood painters begin applying your chosen color. We use premium paints and skilled brushwork and rolling techniques to ensure even, consistent coverage. Cutting-in corners and trim with a brush is a trademark of our meticulous standards.

For exteriors, this same level of preparation is crucial with added steps like pressure washing, priming bare surfaces, and caulking around windows, doors and trim. Our exterior painting services breathe new life into your home’s facade.

Englewood Painters – A Story of Craftsmanship

The art of painting and decorating surfaces has ancient roots dating back thousands of years. While modern techniques and materials have evolved, the core desire to beautify one’s surroundings through color is as old as civilization itself.

Some of the earliest examples of decorative painting have been found in caves in France and Spain from over 30,000 years ago. As human societies advanced, so too did painting methods with the ancient Egyptians developing early paints and decorative finishes. The Greeks were among the first to use brushes for intricate artistic works.

In more recent history, the painting craft underwent a renaissance in Europe during the 13th century. New techniques enabled incredibly detailed murals, frescoes and decorative finishes to adorn the walls of castles and estates of the wealthy elite.

As the middle class emerged in the 18th and 19th centuries, painting and wallpapering became more widespread ways to beautify homes. With the Industrial Revolution catalyzing the production of new paints and tools, professional painters and paperhangers could offer affordable services to the masses for the first time.

Today’s painting contractors and refinishers are the legacy of these ages-old traditions and practices. At Englewood Painters, we take immense pride in continuing the heritage of our meticulous craft. Every project is an opportunity to create spaces of beauty, comfort and joy through the seamless application of colors and finishes.

Wood Floor Refinishing – A New Life Underfoot

In addition to interior and exterior painting, Englewood Painters is also highly skilled in the art of wood floor refinishing. Hardwood floors bring warmth, elegance and value to a home, but can become worn, scratched and dull over time.

Our wood floor refinishing process completely revitalizes your floors through a steps:

  1. Sanding – Floors are sanded down using drum floor sanders to remove the old, damaged finish
  2. Edge Work – Edges are precisely hand-sanded and finished for a clean perimeter
  3. Stain Application – If desired, new stains in your chosen shade are carefully applied
  4. Sealing – Multiple coats of durable, long-lasting polyurethane sealers are applied for protection

The end result is hardwood floors with a beautiful, smooth, refreshed appearance that looks virtually new. Whether matching existing floors during a remodel or refinishing your entire home, wood floor refinishing from Englewood Painters will give you floors to be proud of for years.

Increase Your Home’s Value Through Expert Painting

While the aesthetic impact of painting and refinishing is the most obvious benefit, these professional services also provide a great return on investment by increasing your home’s value and salability.

A fresh coat of exterior paint not only looks attractive from the curb, but it also protects your home’s siding or stucco against the elements. This boosts curb appeal while preventing costly repair bills down the road from exposure and deterioration.

Newly refinished hardwood floors are one of the most sought-after features for homebuyers. Up-to-date painting and pristine floors throughout a home signal to potential buyers that the property has been well-maintained and cared for.

According to estimates, quality exterior painting can yield an ROI of over 50% of the project cost when it comes time to sell. Gorgeous hardwood floor refinishing can return over 100% of its cost in higher home valuations. Smart sellers turn to professional Englewood painters and refinishers to maximize their home’s value.

The Englewood Painters Difference

With such importance placed on painting and refinishing, it’s crucial to hire true professionals you can trust. At Englewood Painters, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart:

  • Skilled Crews – Our painters have years of experience and training, true experts in their craft
  • Premium Materials – We use only high-quality paints, stains, sealants and equipment
  • Detailed Preparation – Comprehensive multi-step preparation ensures ideal surface conditions
  • Clean Job Sites – Workspaces are kept clean and protected daily with routine cleanup
  • Courteous Service – Our teams are prompt, respectful and put customer service first
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – We stand behind our work and ensure you are completely satisfied

Whether it’s an interior painting refresh, an exterior painting overhaul, wood floor refinishing or all of the above, Englewood Painters has the experience and expertise to exceed your expectations. We’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and then apply our skills to make it a vibrant, beautiful reality.

Ready to transform your living spaces or update your home’s value through the power of paint and finishes? Contact our team today for a free consultation and project quote. Discover why generations of Englewood homeowners have trusted Englewood Painters for all of their painting and refinishing needs!

Ready to transform your living spaces or update your home’s value through the power of paint and finishes? Contact our team today for a free consultation and project quote. Discover why generations of Englewood homeowners have trusted Englewood Painters for all of their painting and refinishing needs!

The Consultation & Quoting Process

When you reach out to Englewood Painters, you’ll be connecting with a team that truly listens. During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and vision for the project in detail. Do you have specific color schemes in mind? Are you looking to create a certain mood or ambiance? Our experienced painters will offer professional advice to help guide your choices.

We’ll also perform a comprehensive evaluation of the surfaces and areas to be painted or refinished. This allows us to identify any potential challenges or extra preparation needed. We always account for these details upfront to ensure the smoothest, most predictable process.

With all the specifics understood, we’ll provide you with a free, customized quote that outlines the full scope of work. Quotes are formatted in a clear, easy-to-understand format that itemizes every step and associated cost. That way, you know exactly what to expect with no hidden fees or surprises.

The Painting Procedure – Why We’re The Best

Once you approve the quote, we’ll get to work bringing your vision to life through our multi-phase painting procedure:

Preparation As discussed, the preparation phase is what sets Englewood Painters apart. We follow a meticulous 5-step process to ensure pristine conditions for optimal paint adhesion and appearance.

First, any drywall damages like cracks, holes or dents are expertly repaired using drywall joint compound. The surfaces are then thoroughly sanded to remove any old gloss or residue for maximum adhesion.

All areas are then carefully cleaned to eliminate dust and debris. With the surfaces prepped, we cut-in and mask off any adjacent trim, floors, windows and fixtures by hand for crisp, clean lines.

Finally, any gaps around trim, doors or windows are sealed with caulk to prevent unsightly paint bleeds.

Only once this complete preparation is done will our crews begin applying paint.

Paint Application With surfaces optimally prepped, the painting can begin. Our painters use premium paints, brushes, rollers and application techniques honed over years of experience.

We always cut-in corners and trim by hand using brushes and steady hands before rolling interiors. This attention to detail avoids sloppy, unsightly overlapping lines.

Exteriors follow a similar procedure, often requiring spraying for certain areas like siding to achieve even distribution. These spray applications are performed by licensed professionals with proper ventilation and protection protocols.

Throughout every phase of the application, our crews take care to keep the workspace clean and protected with floor coverings. We follow strict cleanliness standards while on-site.

The Finishing Touches After the final coat is applied, Englewood Painters isn’t finished until every last detail is perfect. We’ll perform a comprehensive walk-through to inspect every surface, ensuring uniform color and consistency.

Any areas requiring touch-ups are immediately addressed. We’ll also remove all coverings, cleaning as we go to leave your newly painted living spaces looking flawless.

For exterior projects, the grounds are cleared of all materials and debris. Windows, surfaces and landscaping are hand-cleaned as needed to wrap up with a polished, professional appearance.

The end result is a beautiful, revitalized home with paint and colors that look simply stunning. It’s this pursuit of perfection that keeps homeowners trusting Englewood Painters project after project.

Color Consulting – Maximize Your Home’s Potential

For many homeowners, the most fun yet challenging part of any project is choosing the paint colors and finishes. Will a soft, neutral palette create a serene oasis? Should you make a bold statement with rich, vibrant accent walls? How will colors flow and transition between different rooms?

At Englewood Painters, our skilled color consultants work closely with you to explore your options and recommend shades that will maximize your home’s potential. We leverage our knowledge of color theory, lighting, architecture and design trends to find stylish yet livable choices that suit your unique tastes.

We can even provide professional 3D digital renderings to allow you to visualize how different color schemes will appear in your actual spaces before making a final decision.

Our color consulting is a complimentary service provided to ensure your complete satisfaction with the end results. Your home’s palette plays a pivotal role in defining its ambiance – we prioritize making it absolutely perfect.

Refinishing Wood Floors – The Ultimate Upgrade

In addition to our unparalleled painting services in Englewood, we also specialize in hardwood floor refinishing to provide the ultimate interior upgrade.

Over time, even the most elegant hardwood floors can deteriorate from wear, scuffs, scratches and dullness. Englewood Painters’ floor refinishing services can breathe new life into these surfaces.

Our process begins with using professional-grade drum floor sanders to grind down the existing worn and damaged finish completely. Next, we perform meticulous edge repairs and hand-sanding along baseboards to smooth transitions.

If desired, we can then apply fresh stain colors in your chosen shade – a simple yet transformative step to change the tone and warmth of the wood grain.

Finally, we apply multiple coats of a premium polyurethane sealant using specialized applicators for an even, glossy finish. This durable sealant protects your newly refinished floors while highlighting the natural beauty of the hardwood.

When complete, your floors will look virtually new with a rejuvenated richness that elevates the entire interior aesthetic. Pair this service with fresh interior painting and you’ll feel like you’re living in a brand new home!

The Reputation Englewood Painters Has Earned

Having served Englewood residents and businesses with pride for over 25 years, Englewood Painters has built a reputation as the area’s premier painting and refinishing experts. But don’t just take our word for it!

Here’s what a few of our satisfied customers have said about their experience working with our team:

“I hired Englewood Painters to refinish the floors and paint the interior of my new home before moving in. The crew was clean, professional and their work was simply outstanding. My new floors are stunning and the colors they recommended look amazing. It was the best investment I could have made to increase the beauty and value right away.” – Kathy M.

“I can’t say enough good things about this company! Their painters completely transformed the exterior of our home with a gorgeous new color scheme and immaculate workmanship. We’d gotten several quotes and Englewood Painters was not only fairly priced, but their preparation process was far more comprehensive than others. You can really tell they do things the right way for results that will last.” – Greg P.

“We’ve used Englewood Painters for all of our interior and exterior painting for over 10 years, as well as floor refinishing. They are true masters of their craft – reliable, clean, reasonably priced and experts at color selection. Our home looks like a million bucks thanks to their quality work over the years. The only painters we’ll ever use!” – Samantha H.

Whether it’s painting, floor refinishing or both, our countless happy customers know they can count on Englewood Painters to deliver flawless results, professional service and lasting value. We look forward to impressing you as our next satisfied client!

FREE Consultation & Quote – Why Wait?

If you’re ready to experience the Englewood Painters difference, the first step is easy – simply request your free consultation and project quote! Our team will meet with you promptly to explore your vision and goals. You’ll receive an detailed, up-front quote with our recommended approach, colors, timeline and costs – all with no obligations.

Don’t put off upgrading your most valuable asset with the transformative power of painting and refinishing. Call or contact us online today to get started! Allow the trusted experts at Englewood Painters to renew your living spaces and maximize your home’s beauty, comfort and value.

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