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If your Englewood home’s exterior paint is faded, cracking, or generally showing signs of wear, it’s likely time to get in touch with a qualified house painting contractor specialized for homes in your neighborhood. Protecting your biggest asset with a fresh coat of durable exterior paint is one of the smartest investments you can make when it comes to home upgrades in Englewood.

However, not all house painters bring the same focus on preparation, use of quality paint products, application techniques, or attention to detail. As a full-service residential exterior painting company based in and serving the Englewood area for over 15 years, we want to share what sets us apart.

Benefits of Choosing Our Englewood House Painting Service

Here are the key reasons homeowners and property managers across Englewood select us for their exterior house painting projects year after year:

Specialized Knowledge of Local Architecture & Styles
With experience painting hundreds of the uniquely designed homes found in neighborhoods like Tenafly , Hackensack , Maywood , Englewood Little Ferry Fort Lee Edgewater Bergenfield

and more, our house painters understand the intricate details involved. We know which colors, finishes, application methods perform best on brick, wood, stucco and other exterior materials commonly used. Our expertise spans charming Victorians to majestic Tudors and everything in between!

Premium Exterior Paints Tailored Specifically for Colorado’s Climate
We exclusively use the highest-performing exterior Sherwin Williams paint products recommended for Englewood’s climate extremes and elevation. Their Duration, Emerald Urethane Trim, SuperPaint, and Resilience lines provide maximum UV protection, expansion/contraction flexibility, breathability, and durability. No peeling, chipping or fading – we guarantee it!

Meticulous Surface Prep for Superior Paint Adhesion
The key to any paint job holding up long-term lies in diligent surface preparation. Before applying any paint, we power wash when needed, scrape away loose existing coatings, repair cracks/holes with caulk/spackle, sand rough areas, spot prime, and otherwise address problem spots that could cause future blistering or peeling.

Efficient Processes Ensure Minimum Disruption
We take great care using drop cloths inside and outside your home along with plastic sheeting over plants, landscaping, patios, and walkways during the power washing, scraping, painting and clean-up phases. With highly refined systems perfected across years and years of experience, we minimize inconvenience so you can carry on with life uninterrupted.

Unmatched Attention to Cut Lines & Fine Details
While spray painting delivers faster coverage on broad flat exterior walls, we still cut-in all edges and architectural accents by hand with precision brush work. Doing so avoids drips, sags and bleeds while allowing highest quality results around windows, trim, railings, moldings, and other areas that truly define a home.

Seamless Exterior Paint Finishes Across All Surfaces
Painting mismatched additions, porches, garages and other exterior structures to have one continuous, uniform appearance and sheen takes skill. Our house painters are masters at color matching, properly prepping different surfaces, and executing seamless paint finishes regardless of what exterior mix your home has.

Specialized Application Techniques for Stucco
From thorough cleaning, pH testing and using elastomeric paints offering superior stretch, our processes check all the right boxes for beautiful, long-lasting paint jobs on textured stucco. We address every step needed to prevent cracking and peeling – common problems with paint applied to stucco done wrong.

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Crews
While less common in newer properties, we still find ourselves often painting older homes in neighborhoods like Maple Grove that contain lead-based paint applied before the Cancer Prevention Act of 1977. Our crews follow meticulous hazardous materials protocols from containment to disposal ensuring safety for your family.

We Provide Reliable Warranties
Because our highly refined processes prevent the likelihood of issues down the road, we have no problem providing warranties on our exterior painting workmanship. Contact us for specific terms and conditions. Having a written warranty provides critical peace of mind on such a major investment.

Free, No-Hassle Quotes Tailored to Your Home & Vision

We provide complimentary estimates without any high-pressure sales tactics. After touring your property and understanding your goals for the new exterior paint job, we will provide clear pricing with no hidden charges along with total transparency on timing, materials, and what to expect throughout the process.

As the most trusted and qualified house painting contractor serving Englewood homeowners for over 15 years running, contact us when you are ready to refresh and protect your home’s exterior. We serve additional areas like Littleton, Centennial, Highlands Ranch plus more communities across Denver’s south suburbs. Call us at 551-866-7503 for your free quote!

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A1 Refinish Floors Paintings

A1 Refinish Floors Paintings

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