How To Remove Scratches From Hardwood Floors in Englewood Hackensack Edgewater and more Bergen County


How To Remove Scratches From Hardwood Floors in Bergen County From Englewood and Tenafly to Hackensack, hardwood floors are cherished additions that add warmth and elegance to homes across Bergen County towns. But over years of wear, components like furniture legs, active children, and pet nails can take their toll in superficial scratches and blemishes. Thankfully, many light to medium scratches can be reduced or removed with simple wood floor restoration techniques. We outline proven methods for renewing the beauty of your hardwoods below.

Assessing Floor Damage in Bergen County
Before attempting do-it-yourself repairs, analyze the depth and severity of scratches in areas like your Englewood living space or Tenafly dining room. Light scratches that do not penetrate the wood floor’s finish coat can often be addressed with buffing and re-coating. However, deeper scratches exposing raw wood will require more in-depth sanding, staining and refinishing for optimal corrections. For homes in Bergen County towns that previously had professional hardwood installation and refinishing completed, check if the company provides scratch repair services. For DIY methods, always test products first in subtle areas before tackling visible sections of flooring.

Buffing Out Light Scratches For light surface level scratches that do not remove the protective urethane or lacquer coat, buffing can reduce visibility significantly. Purchase a wood floor buffing pad and attach it to a low speed drill (150-400 RPM). Apply a small amount of floor wax to the pad and buff in direction of the floorboards, using smooth even motions, to gently abrade scratches and build up micro-layers for a flush appearance. Avoid applying excess pressure and make sure to also buff areas adjacent to reduce halo appearances. After buffing, the entire floor can be cleaned and re-sealed for sheen uniformity if desired. Buffing can work well for areas around high foot traffic furniture like couches, beds or table legs. Always take precautions like felt pads to prevent future deeper scratching after your Hackensack, Englewood or Tenafly floor repairs.

Re-Coating Floors After Light Repairs
If deeper buffing was required for substantial improvements to superficial scratches, beyond just a wax touch-up, a full re-coat of the urethane or lacquer finish should be applied. Make sure flooring is clean and debris-free before spraying or rolling on new gloss coats, which typically require 24 hours of dry time between each application. Three coats are usually sufficient for excellent protection against future scratches while also restoring the rejuvenated appearance after repairs in Livingston, Teaneck and other Bergen County areas.

Sanding Out More Prominent Hardwood Scratches
When scratches penetrate through to raw wood rather than just the finish coat, more extensive sanding is required for proper removal in Bergen County homes. Rent an orbital sander (80-120 grit discs) and sand affected areas of flooring just until scratches disappear and a uniform surface is restored. Vacuum thoroughly when complete. Stain can then be matched to surrounding wood colors, blended and applied before adding sealing coats. Three coats of a high grade water-based urethane with UV inhibitors provides optimal protection after deep sanding and staining repairs of substantial scratches in Bergen County kitchens, hallways and other well-trafficked areas.

Call Bergen County Flooring Specialists for Tough Scratch Repairs
While many light to medium scratches can be improved with diligent buffing, re-coating and re-finishing, deeper gouges may continue showing some signs of damage afterward. When scratches persist despite concentrated DIY efforts, or cover extensive areas in general, calling certified hardwood flooring contractors is advisable. Reputable Bergen County professionals have specialized tools, materials and experience to remove scratches and restore your expensive flooring’s look for years to come. Be sure to explain all attempted repair methods so pros can best remedy any underlying issues causing scratches to remain visible. From major entrances and hallways to the heart of homes in Ridgewood, Paramus and across Bergen County, flooring specialists can reinvigorate floors marred by heavy markings over time.

Preventing Future Hardwood Floor Scratches Following any necessary scratches repairs in your Bergen County home, be diligent about preventing repeat damage going forward. Place felt pads under all furniture legs, avoid dragging sharp objects across floors, have people remove shoes before entering, keep pet nails trimmed, lift objects when moving rather than sliding, and immediately clean any liquid spills that could penetrate coatings over time in towns like Garfield, Lodi and throughout the region. Be especially careful about avoiding scratches as floors age, since sanding and refinishing services can typically only be reliably performed a handful of times over the floor’s lifespan. With conscientious care and maintenance, your renewed hardwood surfaces can maintain their revived beauty and appeal for years ahead.

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