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As homes age, their interiors can start to seem outdated and worn. Hardwood floors develop scratches and lose their luster. Walls accumulate scuffs and stains. While charming, an old fashioned decor fails to impress potential home buyers in today’s market. Rather than trying to sell your Tenafly, Bergenfield or Englewood Cliffs NJ home as-is, consider investing in upgrades like hardwood floor refinishing and interior painting. These affordable renovations can modernize the look of your home while adding value and appeal.

Why Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Original hardwood floors are a prized feature in older homes. But over years of constant foot traffic, they accumulate scratches, dull spots, discoloration and other signs of wear. Refinishing gives them a like-new appearance at a fraction of the cost of installing brand new hardwood. The process involves sanding down the existing floors to remove scratches and stains, then applying new protective sealant for a refreshed surface.

Refinishing offers other practical benefits as well:

  • Restores warmth and richness of color
  • Allows you to stain to a different shade
  • Protects floors from future scratches
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Improves home air quality by removing embedded allergens
  • Environmentally friendly by recycling existing floors

By refinishing your hardwood floors rather than replacing them, you conserve resources and capture added resale value. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, refinished floors can increase a home’s value by up to $1000 per room. That makes it one of the wisest investments you can make.

Why Repaint Interiors?

Just like hardwood floors, walls accumulate their share of scuffs, stains and discoloration after years of use. Sunlight also causes paint to fade and take on a dingy, yellowed patina over time. Repainting creates cleaner, brighter interiors that look fresh, modern and updated. Along with hardwood refinishing, it instantly transforms the look of a home.

Interior painting offers other great benefits:

  • Affordable update at a reasonable cost
  • Easy change that makes whole home seem “new”
  • Masks damaged drywall or plaster
  • Gets rid of marks left behind by wall hangings
  • Allows you to change color scheme
  • Cleaner air by encapsulating possible lead paint
  • Helps staging a home to sell faster

A fresh coat of interior paint costs an average of $2000 for a 2000 square foot home. But it can boost your home’s value significantly more than that. According to the National Association of Realtors, interior painting offers an incredible 107% ROI – paying for itself, then adding about $4000 to your home’s resale value.

Exterior Painting Also Adds Curb Appeal

Along with your home’s interior, the exterior paint takes a beating from the elements. Over time it fades, chips and develops a weathered, worn appearance. Renewing your home’s exterior coat gives it a welcoming face the curb. Repainting creates an instantly tidier, newer visual effect that appeals to buyers.

Key reasons to invest in exterior painting:

  • Provides weather protection by sealing outside walls
  • Deters insects and pests from entering cracks
  • Improves street allure with brighter bolder colors
  • Adds contrast with decorative accents like trims
  • Hides exterior flaws or damage
  • Allows you to personalize the home’s “face”
  • Provides up to 400% ROI at resale per National Association of Realtors

We Make Home Painting & Hardwood Refinishing Easy

Are you ready to refresh your Tenafly, Bergenfield or Englewood Cliffs NJ home with paint and hardwood floor updates? As experienced painting contractors, we make the process fast and convenient. We use top quality Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr or Glidden paints to give your walls a durable yet beautiful finish. Our refinishing process revives the warmth and richness of your existing hardwood floors.

Get started now by requesting a free quote online or calling us at [phone number]. We provide exceptional craftsmanship and customer care – going above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to rejuvenate the look of your home cost effectively!

A1 Refinish Floors Paintings

A1 Refinish Floors Paintings

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