Reviving Tired Floors: Professional Floor Refinishing in Englewood, New Jersey

Have the old, outdated floors in your Englewood, New Jersey home seen better days? Are they covered in unsightly scratches, discoloration, and just generally showing a lot of wear and tear? Don’t despair – with professional floor refinishing from a highly skilled local contractor, that dull and damaged hardwood, laminate, or engineered floor can look brand new again.

Floor refinishing involves methodically stripping away the top layer of worn flooring and applying new stain, sealant and/or polish for a fresh and flawless appearance that dramatically improves the ambiance of your home. Unlike floor replacement which is costly, disruptive and time-intensive, refinishing preserves your existing flooring investment while renewing its beauty.

Trusted Englewood floor refinishing contractors have an expert understanding of how to handle all varieties of hardwood flooring found in local homes. From oak and maple to exotic Brazilian cherry and bamboo, they know the specialized processes needed to gently yet thoroughly buff each surface for the desired revitalized outcome. Simply put, this is precision work best left to the professionals.

When researching “best floor refinishing company in Englewood NJ” or “ top rated floor refinishing business near me”, be sure to:

  • Carefully check reviews to ensure they have happy customers in the Englewood area
  • Verify they are fully licensed/insured
  • Ask about experience with different wood floor types
  • Understand their whole process before work begins
  • Get guaranteed with warranties against defects

High quality floor refinishing in the New Jersey suburbs like Englewood typically costs $3-$6 per sq. ft. depending factors like square footage, chosen finish, amount of repairs needed and more. Your local flooring contractor can provide a precise estimate based a walkthrough evaluation.

For Englewood homeowners with stubborn pet urine stains in hardwood areas or deep gashes from moving furniture, select floor pros also offer spot repairs and restorations for an extra cost before refinishing everything. This helps ensure those isolated trouble spots don’t detract from the beautiful makeover you have planned for the entire space.

Refinishing Dull, Dreary Floors in Englewood NJ Homes

Over years of constant use and traffic, wood floors lose their sheen. Refinishing makes them gorgeous again! For superior Englewood NJ hardwood floor refinishing relies on Hardwood Flooring Company 551-866-7503 serving Bergen County for 10+ years. Check our amazing reviews and call for a free estimate today!

Key Benefits of Professional Floor Refinishing in Englewood NJ:

  • Restores beauty, luster and appeal of worn floors
  • No demolition or installation. Preserves existing floors
  • Eco-friendly. Saves old flooring from landfills. Reduces waste.
  • Can be sanded repeatedly unlike new floor replacement
  • Great for customizing color change from red oak to grey maple etc.
  • Much more affordable than full floor replacement in Englewood NJ
  • Available for all flooring types: oak, cherry, hickory, bamboo etc.
  • Repairs damaged boards, pet stains etc. before refinishing
  • Installs new custom medallions and borders if desired
  • Saves hugely on costs compared to pricey new flooring
  • Rapid 1 to 3 day project timeline in most cases

Best Practices from an Englewood Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company:

Refinishing hardwood floors is a multi-step process requiring skill, precision and the right tools like drum sanders, edge sanders and buffers to get each phase right. Here is how we complete the full renewal process:

  1. Move all furniture to center of room and cover with plastic
  2. Thoroughly clean floor then inspect for needed repairs
  3. Precision sand entire floor with industrial drum & edge sanders
  4. Vacuum away all dust thoroughly after sanding
  5. Stain floors if desired for custom color changes from red oak to gray, espresso etc. Wipe away excess.
  6. Apply 2-3 coats high quality commercial polyurethane finish
  7. Abrade finish with 220 grit screen for adhesion between coats
  8. Final buffing for sheen uniformity and smoothness
  9. Replace floor vents, transitions etc to integrate beautifully with refreshed floor

Refinishing hardwood or engineered wood floors allows the beauty of natural wood to shine through while erasing years of damage very affordably.

A1 Refinish Floors Paintings

A1 Refinish Floors Paintings

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